male model turned actor, wale in a fashion photograph by steve landismale model fashion photograph of wale and ben
  New York 1995   New York 1995  

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Steve Landis has travelled through many parts of the world during a career in professional photography incorporating the areas of photojournalism, fashion, beauty, and celebrity portrait photography for major publications for over 25 years.  Steve has turned his life over to Yeshua the Messiah, (Jesus the Christ) and now primarily photographs weddings, family, actor, and executive portraits.

"I have been greatly blessed during my life and give the glory and thanks to Yeshua for a renewed life of peace and joy," states Landis. 


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From "Wale and the Boys," series, 1995.  Here the actor wears a suit by Donna Karan.  Adewale credits these Steve Landis photos with his initial break through in Hollywood.  After sending this photo out to casting agents and studios, major film auditions and roles came his way.  He felt that many New York headshots have the same generic look, and he wanted something that would let him stand out.  It worked.  You recently saw him in the feature film, "The Bourne Identity."  The interesting thing that I sometimes think about, is, Wale is always playing against type.  You couldn't meet a nicer, happier guy.   Wale is brilliant, multi-talented and dimensional and was a successful male model before becoming an actor.   Read more about Wale at

This fashion story began as a personal project.  The male models chosen were carefully selected, as I always do.  But when shooting a group of models, you need to be sure that they can all work well together, and by that I mean, take direction.  I wanted to do a series that would have a lasting strength to it, not just pretty fashion pictures.  Wale and I instantly clicked and he was given a suggestion, as a starting point, to reference the principal characters in the English film, "The Krays."   In case you're not familier with the film, it is about two real life twins who became ruthless gangsters in London's East End during the 1960's.  The heaviness of mood, that prevailed in that film, was immediately embraced by Wale.  He knew the film and loved the idea and helped the other male models get into character.  This happens to be one of my favorite male model photos of recent years.  




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